Material Supplier Transparency:
Ares Dress

The olive color of the linen used in this dress has a distinct military feel. The style is inspired by women who have fought for justice, like Josephine Baker, a dancer and a singer, but also a French Resistance agent and civil rights activist. The shape of the dress nods to a military jumpsuit with utilitarian details, updated with a fuller sleeve.

  • 100% Hemp (China)
  • Spun, Woven and Finished in Italy



Hemp is an environmentally friendly fiber. It requires no pesticides and needs little water, yet it renews the soil with each growth cycle. Hemp is also resistant to ultraviolet light and mold.


This mill is family owned and was founded in 1897 in Prato, Italy. With a goal to increase environmental and social responsibility the mill is working to receive certifications on their operations. Their wastewater is purified and dyed waters are filtered.


This garment was made in a facility based in Mantova, a medieval city close to Verona, Italy. This factory is female-founded and complies with Italian regulations for workers' rights and safety.