After a year and a half of development, Gabriela Hearst collaborated with art director Peter Miles and introduced menswear. “My edge is that I’m a woman designing for women; I understand our psychology. Men are a whole other species, I couldn’t do it without having feedback from a guy."

The collection upholds the ideals outlined by her mother-in-law Austine, the late newspaper columnist and the wife of the editor in chief of Hearst Newspapers, almost 70 years ago. Her specifications are made newly relevant for the GH man with clean yet relaxed tailoring, T-shirts made from Japanese milled cotton and knitwear in an array of extraordinary colors.

Austine Hearst Circa 1950

“While each period in history has produced a different Ideal Male Fashion Plate, in my opinion, a formula for today might include: Not to be too neat, too matched up, too color-schemed, and too snugly fitted. Men should aim for nonchalance, individuality, without novelty.” — Austine Hearst, circa 1950”

Nuances are subtle but distinguished. Italian-made fabrics are exceptional. Three styles of suits, including a travel suit in a loose, light silhouette, are inspired by classic English tailoring. Stripes on cotton shirting deviate slightly from the norm. Tailored cashmere coats range from a classic navy overcoat to a double-faced cashmere trench in an intriguing shade of lilac gray. Knitwear is the biggest correlation to Gabriela Hearst women’s collection, and includes the fluffy cashmere sweaters knit by Manos de Uruguay, as well as knit polos and crewnecks in rich colors that convey the collection’s refined sportiness.

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