Growing Up On A Ranch


"Growing up on a ranch in Uruguay, South America. There was a lot of gaucho tradition, our folk and horses. The relationship of horses and men is something extremely primal to me and prehistoric, such as recorded in the caves of Lascaux about 17,000 years ago. But if there are two things that have marked me is my respect and understanding for the mighty force of nature. We belong to nature and nature doesn’t belong to us. Second my love for quality, but from a utilitarian perspective. Things had to be made to last as you are exposed to the elements and time. My thoughts are that in fashion we have to look back to the past, consume less, better and forever. On the subject of energy we have to look into the future to move away from fossil fuels towards renewables, hydro, wind, solar, and safe nuclear." - Gabriela Hearst

My mother and I on a wool bale. Myself wearing cloth diapers.
My mother and I. Her masculine feminine natural beauty is something I always seek in my design.
I don’t remember when I was taught to ride. I always rode in my mind. Horses are the animals I connect most deeply with.
My father, mother, and myself as a baby. In a Sunday Jineteada (rodeo).
Myself wearing a hand made dress by our family seamstress.
My mother showing off her paleteadas skill.
Baby me and my mother with a hand knitted sweater jacket in virgin non dyed wool.
The first love of my life, my father.