Introducing the Nina Bag with Navajo Handle

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A Spring Summer 2022 Collaboration Project with TahNibaa Naataanii, a 5th generation Navajo Weaver

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From TahNibaa Naataanii our Navajo Weaver:

"The past months have been exciting and filled with challenges while creating one of a kind, eccentric Navajo weavings for you.  I could not take credit for the weavings alone, I must also acknowledge my grandparents and ancestors who have kept this weaving skill alive with songs and prayers during challenging and difficult times of colonization.  I must say thank you to my mentor, my teacher, Sarah H. Natani who has given me this sacred skill, at age 7. 

With these Navajo weavings adorning the many beautiful garments to be made, the customer will not only look beautiful, but will also have the blessings of songs and prayers as each of our weavings are made with tools that represent the greater universe that we all inhabit together.  It is my belief that we are both educating the greater community by spotlighting Navajo weavings onto garments which will give an appreciation, an admiration for Southwest Navajo Weavings."

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“The work we did with the Navajo community was serendipitous and a spiritual gift. lt brought the Americas craft together in the collection along the work of Uruguay and Bolivia, both of the non-for-profits we work with. Being able to create beautiful pieces that are desirable and at the same time that empowers others is probably one of the most satisfying professional experience.” 

-Gabriela Hearst

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Each Nina with Navajo Handle is handcrafted and available for custom order on any of our classic colorways. 

For inquiries please contact us at or call +1 212 966 2484 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST